OHV Permit/Registration

Where Does My Money Go?

 The need for the Colorado OHV Use Permit or Registration seems to be a hot topic every year and one that can get confusing for some. While there are some people that purchase the permit for their plated-street legal rigs, there is a vast majority that doesn’t. While this is....

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Economic Contribution Highlights

 As some of you have seen and many have not, during 2016 COHVCO completed an Economic Contribution Study for the state of Colorado on Motorized Recreation. It was found to have some very interesting details that not only we should be aware of, but those in City and County...

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What Does...

Back to the Basics

 What does the OHV Community do and what does it do for me? This is a question I am sure we have all asked ourselves at one point. While many don’t think about the impact we have on the entire sport, it is something that we all should be aware of. What decisions or actions we do today,,,,,

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Working Together

Can't we all get ALONG?

 There are a lot of different Clubs, Organizations and groups present in the OHV Community. Some are organized and registered through their State and IRS, some are not. Some are also manufacturer exclusive, some are build exclusive, while others are open to anything with a motor. However we all have one thing.......

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