Spring Wheeling in the Rockies

Mud and the impact it has on the Trail Systems

 Springtime in Colorado and all around the nation can and does bring with it a lot of anticipation; when is my favorite trail going to open for the season and which trails are open? Are two popular questions that everyone asks. While this can be a fun time to get out and playing the mud, it is also something that can cause a lot of damage too our trail....

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Communication While in the Back Country

 Whether you are cruising around town or traversing the backcountry, communication is vital. We all rely on our cell phones when around town if something happens and we need help, but what about when we are nowhere near cell coverage? This is a question everyone should ask themselves if they frequent the backcountry, especially if they.......

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Communication Part 2

Ham Radio and the OHV Community

 A little while ago we wrote about the importance of communication while exploring the backcountry and Ham Radio was one of those forms. While it has been around for quite some time, it has never been really big with the OHV Community. All of us are guilty of this, but why.....

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Wheeling Alone

The Do's and Don'ts of a Safe Experience

 While this can be a controversial subject for some, it is one that should be known by all. Wheeling alone while it can be dangerous, it can also be relaxing and fun at the same time. How many times have you gone out with a group of people and wondered how much more enjoyable it would have been if you were alone? I know for me this happens quit.....

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Winching 101

    Something that seems as simple as winching can become dangerous if not deadly when not taken seriously. There are many steps that need to be taken when either preforming self-recovery of recovering another vehicle. No matter what the situation is, there are some simple steps that MUST be preformed before even pulling the winch line out. These steps are as follows:   

  1. Asses vehicle situation  
  2. Locate secure and safe winch point  
  3. Look for any obstructions or additional hazards  
  4. Connect Winch to Safe Winch Point  
  5. Ensure that all individuals are at a safe location and Away from the  Winch Line  
  6. Begin recovery while constantly reassessing the situation  

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